Charles Williams


As a young banker, Charles was asked to be the Security Officer for a 70 million dollar, privately owned bank.  He asked, "How do I do that?"  He was told:  "Go to the file, see what we've been doing and Keep Doing That!"   So, he did!  The file contained pictures of the man who had done that job since WWII (this was in the late 80's)

Charles researched the FDIC regulation, created a unique

program that thoroughly addresses the regulation, and

began teaching in his bank.  Before long, he was teaching

in other banks (he has a knack for that).

When the Community Bankers Association of

Georgia heard him train, their President at

that time, Julian Hester, hired Charles to

become a staff member and teach for them.

 Mr. Hester introduced him to 

other CBA directors in other states and yet

another career was off and 

running.  Charles has now taught

Get the Perpetrator OUT of the Bank" 

in many of the US states, including


He's prepared a "Tongue In Cheek" book

on the subject:  "How I'd Rob YOUR Bank"

by Mr. Rob UrBanks!  (available below)

You should get a copy!  You'll love it.  You' ll

learn from it.  In fact, get lots of copies and

share them with your staff members.  Of 


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"how I'd rob your bank!"

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"how I'd rob your bank!"

Want to take a humorous look at some very serious situations? You should read this little book.  You may LOL a couple of times but I bet you'll get some good ideas and remember, it only takes one idea to make a real difference!  

course, he created a DVD training series  and it's available here too!  Please call our offices  to purchase materials or to request information about booking Charles for your next training!

'Consumer Lending',  Practical Sales Training and working with the particular training requirement you have are all available.  The guy is a master trainer.  His ratings are always the highest and best from his classes.  Take advantage of this opportunity!